Benefits of Year-End Real Estate Investing: North Shore Chicago


Take Note…We are now with Compass Real Estate as of August 2019…Here on Chicago’s North Shore, next to spring, fall is often the busiest real estate time of the year. Although you can buy and sell houses at any time, the fall North Suburban real estate market offers abundant benefits to home buyers, including year-end tax breaks, pleasant weather conditions for moving, commonly a wider selection of houses, and the beautiful presence of mother-nature all around!

To further provide examples of the North Shore home buying advantages you can enjoy during the autumn months, below is a more detailed look into the benefits of looking for and purchasing a home in the autumn 2019 season.

Mortgage loan year-end tax breaks

By October and November, people are already reviewing year-end tax breaks they may be eligible for. Fortunately for home-buyers, owning a home can yield immense dividends in tax returns. For example, both mortgage interest and property taxes are deductible from gross income. In addition, if you have prepaid ant interest before the due date of your first payment and you close your loan before the year’s end, that amount will also be deducted. Consult a tax professional for specific details and guidelines.

Often more home buying choices

Given that North Shore home buying and selling is at a peak during the fall season, the real estate market often becomes a highly competitive arena. While there may be additional pressure to buy due to the quicker turnaround of houses on the market, at the same time you also benefit from the wider selection of homes available during the fall season. In fact, between the months of September and December, you may be fortunate enough to visit several North Shore open houses in a single day. Therefore, to make sure you don’t miss out on finding your dream house, it’s a good idea to examine on-line ads often since the listings are updated frequently.

Getting ahead of mother mature

Buying a North Shore house in the winter may not be very appealing to most home buyers. Low temperatures and poor weather conditions can potentially make moving more difficult. But by moving in early, mid, even late autumn, you gain the added benefit of eluding the sweltering summer heat.

Fall home buying TIP:  Taking into account that fall is the second busiest season of the year for buying and selling houses on the North Shore, you may be tempted to put a bid on a home for fear that another buyer will better your offer or snatch it up before you. Carefully assess your financial situation ahead of time and before your feet hit the pavement, know what your ceiling is and stick to it. More info HERE

The North Shore real estate Fall 2019 forecast calls for ongoing top tier results, high ranking top producing performance, and sustained elite service from Gloria Matlin and partner Zack Matlin of Matlin Residential Real Estate. With over 25 years of trusted real estate professionalism, she and Zack are the consummate guides on Chicago’s North Shore. Look to them for assistance with relocation, buying, selling, investing, or to inquire about local communities, they can help make North Shore real estate dreams a reality. Gloria’s home office is located within the top brokerage firm on the North Shore-Compass Real Estate office – 851 Spruce Street, Winnetka, Illinois 60093.


2019 Market Outlook-Chicago North Shore Real Estate

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2019 First-time buyers who stayed out of the market – either for demographic reasons or because they just couldn’t find the right Chicago North Shore home – will find less competition as more buyers are priced out, but feel an increased sense of urgency to close before it gets even more expensive. Their largest struggle next year will be reconciling wants, needs, and budget versus the heavy competition of 2018. Although the number of homes for sale is increasing, which is an improvement for buyers, the majority of new inventory is focused in the mid-to-higher-end price tier, not entry-level. Rising mortgage rates and prices will keep a lot of new inventory out of their budget and make it especially tough for first time home buyers.

2019 predictions are based on housing data that shows rents continuing to skyrocket while the for-sale market levels off. That economic reality increased inventory, and millennials getting married and having children after delaying those choices, are forecasted to give North Shore buyers and sellers more negotiating power. In fact, a recent study predicts the millennial generation will overtake Generation X as the biggest group of Chicago-North Shore home buyers in 2019.

In light of these trends, took a look at income data, home-value growth and the number of entry-level homes-for-sale to rank the best markets for first-time home buyers in 2019. More information HERE.

Start 2019 off with trusted, top producing North Shore Chicago real estate guidance from Gloria and/or Zack Matlin. With over 25 years of steadfast expertise, Gloria Matlin has been helping her clients realize their real estate dreams with enthusiastic, sincere, confident, graceful, tenacious, attentive and personalized top-tier service.


Experts Not Worried About Rising Rates – North Shore Real Estate Trends

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Mortgage rates would have to be higher than 6% to discourage prospective fall and even winter home-buyers from

FiveStar-GloriaMatlin-2buying a home. While the jury is still out on what the Federal Reserve is going to do about the Fed Funds rate increase, there is certainty that it will happen at some point in the near future. The lack of consensus stems from mixed signals coming from various components of the economy and the financial situation abroad. The good new is:

How Higher Mortgage Interest Rates Will Impact the Housing Market?

When the Feds decide to raise rates, any increase will be nominal and gradual. The anticipation is that the initial increase will be only 25 basis points (e.g., from 3.75% to 4.00%). This is still about 50 basis points lower than the high reached in the summer of 2013 when the Federal Reserve first announced that it would start fading out of its easy monetary policy.

Nonetheless, Americans are well aware of the anticipated mortgage rate increase that’s coming up: 42% of Americans think mortgage interest rates will increase over the next six months, while 20% believe the rates will stay the same. A third (32%) of Americans, and almost 4 in 10 (38%) Millennials, are still unsure about what will happen to the mortgage rates, with Millennials are not as likely as other generation to think that rates will increase at all over the next 6 months.

Falling houses with percent symbol on sky background

How Do Americans Feel About Rising Mortgage Rates?

Interestingly, for Americans who are looking to purchase a home this year, mortgage rates are not the primary concern. Among Americans who would ever buy a home, most worried about being able to get a mortgage and if they could find a home that they would like. Raising mortgage rate is only the third concern, followed by fears that home prices would increase before they buy a home. But, for millennials aged 18-34 years old, simply being able to get a mortgage is the biggest and marginally larger concern than for all Americans in general. Millennials also worry more about finding a home they like and home prices rising before they worry about raising mortgage rates.

Long story short, an increase in rates would not turn people off from buying a home, but it may slightly lower the price range in which they are looking to buy. Also, the impact is quite dependent on the price range in which the prospective buyer is looking to buy. – See more mortgage rate details HERE

2015-November: For a second year, Gloria Matlin has earned the esteemed Five Star Real Estate award for 2015. This honor is one of many that confirms her standing as Chicago North Shore’s  client driven, top performing, highly trusted real estate professional.  On The Go?…Move with Glo this autumn season.

Real Estate Outcomes December2012: Chicago’s North Shore

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Property Sales

North Shore-Glencoe December real estate YTD sales are running 10.2% ahead of last year’s year-to-date sales. Overall property sales figures show -36.4% from December of 2011 and -41.7% lower than sales last month. December 2012 sales were at their lowest level compared to December of 2011 and 2010 sales data.


The Median Sales for Chicago North Suburban Glencoe was -8.7% compared to reports from December of 2011 and up 3.2% from last month. The Average Sales Price in December was down -23.5% compared to December of 2011 and down -24.6% from last month. December 2012 ASP was at the lowest level compared to December of 2011 and 2010 figures.

Inventory & MSI

The Total Inventory of North Shore-Glencoe Properties available for sale as of December was  down -24.3% from  data compiled  last month and down -39.1% from outcomes in December of last year. December 2012 Inventory was at the lowest level compared to December of 2011 and 2010.

A comparatively lower MSI (monthly supply of inventory) is more beneficial for North Shore sellers while a higher MSI is better for North Shore buyers. The December 2012 MSI of 8.0 months was at its lowest level compared with December of 2011 and 2010.

Market Time

The average Days on Market in Chicago North Suburban Glencoe (DOM) shows how many days the average real estate property is on the Market before it sells. An upward trend in DOM tends to indicate a move towards more of a North Shore Buyer’s market, a downward trend a move towards more of a North Shore Seller’s market. The DOM for December was 97, up 51.6% from last month and up 9.0% from sales data listed in December of last year. The December 2012 DOM was at its highest level compared with December of 2011 and 2010.


Inventory / New Listings / Sales

‘The view above provides a summary of the North Shore market combining monthly inventory of North Shore Properties for sale along with New Listings and Sales. The graph shows the basic annual seasonality of the market as well as the relationship between these items. The number of New Listings in December specific to Glencoe in  2012, was down -88.9% from 18 last month and down -71.4% from figures posted in December of last year.

Glencoe’s high performing Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate office located in the downtown district (640 Vernon Ave., 60022) can be a source for up-to-date real estate news, reporting, figures, analysis, outcomes, projections, and overall market conditions. Gloria Matlin, an exceptional North Suburban Realtor, has been helping buyers and sellers connect with their real estate dreams, on Chicago’s North Shore, for over 25 years. Feel free to stop in for immediate assistance.

Glencoe-North Shore Market Trends: Update October-November2012

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More 2012 Progress! Chicago-North Shore Real Estate home sales increased 15.9% over previous-year performance volume in September of this year, lengthening a top run of more than a year of sales surge, according to the recent Illinois Association of REALTORS® report. In addition the data revealed the North Suburban market, along with other areas of the state had a median home price increase of 2.2 percent!

Continued North Shore real estate market stabilization has held steady for the first nine months of 2012. Prices, interest rates, and consumer confidence are further intensifying the improvements seen in North Shore communities and around other areas within the state of Illinois.

Listings in the North Shore-Barrington region decreased 11.6 percent to 840. Listings Under Contract were up 49.7 percent to 569. Inventory levels shrank 31.9 percent to 3,617 units. The monthly average commitment rate for a 30-year, fixed-rate mortgage for the North Shore-North Central region was 3.49% percent in September 2012, down from 3.60 percent seen in August 2012, according to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. Last September in 2011 it averaged 4.09 percent. Supporting North Shore real estate data can be seen in the summary figures from the North Shore Barrington Association of Realtors and Midwest Real Estate Data LLC below (click to enlarge).

In the nine-county Chicago-North Suburban Primary Metropolitan Statistical Area (PMSA) including Cook and Lake, home sales (single family and condominiums) in September 2012 totaled 7,484 homes sold, up 24.0 percent from September 2011 sales of 6,035 homes. Forty-five (45) of 101 Illinois counties reporting showed year-over-year home sales increases in September 2012. See supporting real estate analysis in the figures provided below (click to enlarge).

Sales and price information is generated by Multiple Listing Service closed sales reported by 31 participating Illinois REALTOR® local boards and associations including Midwest Real Estate Data LLC data as of October 7, 2012 for the period September 1 through September 30, 2012 into November 2012. The Chicago PMSA, as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau, includes the counties of Cook, DeKalb, DuPage, Grundy, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry and Will.

Find Illinois housing stats, data and the University of Illinois REAL forecast

Gloria Matlin, a top ranked North Shore Chicago Realtor; is your source to review this and other market action reports/conditions.  640 Vernon Ave, Glencoe, Illinois-60022, in the heart of downtown.

Is Your Home High Tech Ready?-North Shore Real Estate Trends

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According to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders, many home seekers including North Shore real estate buyers are looking for high-tech and low maintenance homes. Homes that provide convenient  living with technology built-in. In fact, many builders are incorporating this theme not only in their homes but into community planning efforts as well.

Is your Chicago-North Shore property high-tech ready? Below is a list of recent “must have” technology or entertainment options, which are often requested by buyers:

  1. Is the home pre-wired for home theater or multiroom audio/video conditions/setup?  Are there in-wall speakers?
  2. Does the North Shore home have multizoning heating and cooling controls with programmable thermostats?
  3. Does the North Shore home have multiroom lighting controls, window-covering controls, or other home automation features?
  4. Are there enough jacks in each room for cable TV and high-speed Internet hookups?
  5. Are their ample telephone extensions or jacks?
  6. Does the Chicago-North Shore property have a local area network (LAN) for linking computers?
  7. Does the  North Shore home already have wiring for DSL or another high-speed Internet connection?
  8. Is the home wired with multipurpose in-wall wiring that allows for reconfigurations to update services as technology changes?

To further rate your north shore home on its technological sophistication, see the link for the Consumer Electronics Association’s Tech-Home checklist:

Feel free to stop by Coldwell Banker, North Shore residential real estate office in Glencoe, IL 60022-640 Vernon Ave. We can help determine your homes worth, provide community reports, market conditions, or answer any questions regarding north shore real estate for sale/rent. Our customer service is legendary.  With over 4o years of experience, our North Shore real estate agents/brokers look forward to assisting you.

North Shore Real Estate Investment Tips: Due Diligence


When buying North Shore real estate, far too many buyers fail to take even the most basic levels of precaution by doing the proper due diligence. This is troubling because real estate is typically the largest and riskiest asset someone will ever buy. We’ve all learned this many times over in the last few years via the housing crisis, and it will continue happening until people better educate themselves on the real estate process and mitigate their risks.

So what issues should a buyer consider? Most of the items are not complicated, however running through the important tasks when you are actually buying property can be time-consuming and tedious. Realize if you fail to do the hard work involved to protect yourself, and something goes wrong, you only have yourself to blame. Doing the proper due diligence to lower your risk is the responsibility of you — the homeowner making the mortgage payment. Finding a real estate agent that can guide you through the maze is key.

Note: There is no risk-free real estate. Even the most diligent of buyers who do all the proper due diligence they know can lose money on some deals due to a variety of unknown, unanticipated, underestimated reasons; or simply bad luck.

Here are 10  tips to help guide you in the right direction with the help of a real estate agent:

1. Purchasing process – Understanding the overall purchasing process

2. Cash flows and returns – Penciling out an investment property cash flows and how much you will earn on your money

3. Rent vs. own – Doing a financial analysis to see if purchasing makes sense for you

4. Tax benefits picture – Understanding the tax benefits of owning real estate

5. Mortgage financing – Properly evaluating mortgage financing options and offers

6. Homeowners associations – Reviewing the homeowners association finances, operations and any litigation situation

7. Home inspection – Using the home inspection information to make better decisions

8. Dwelling and liability insurance – Do you have the proper type and amount of insurance in place

9. Title insurance and escrow – Did you read through your title insurance policy and all the sales and escrow documents and ask questions if you did not understand

10. Non-standard investments – understanding and possibly avoiding non-standard investments like land, second homes, vacation rentals, flipping property, etc…..MORE INFO


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See Video For Details:

Fab updated home on Chicago’s North Shore- Glencoe, IL. 5/8 acre w amenities galore. Gourmet Kitch incl butl pantry,
large bkfast area, Subzero refrig, 2 warming drawers & built-in
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system, sprinklers, dog run. Great location


North Shore – Glencoe Real Estate News: Positive Trends For June


“The statewide median price in June was $150,000, up 7.1 percent from $140,000 in May 2011.

“The Illinois housing market was building momentum in late spring and through June and it’s encouraging to see this regular pattern as well as sales at levels higher than the past 11 months driven by high affordability conditions and pent-up demand,” said REALTOR® Sheryl Grider Whitehurst, ABR, CRB, GRI, president of the Illinois Association of REALTORS® and the Development and Operations Coordinator for Traders Realty in Peoria. “Challenges remain for the return to a normalized market and top among them relate directly to the economy.”

“In the city of Chicago, single family homes have made positive gains in pricing due to the competitive atmosphere created by compelling pricing on distressed assets short sales and foreclosures,” said Mabel Guzman, president of the Chicago Association of REALTORS® and a REALTOR® with Envision Real Estate LLC, Chicago. “We are seeing multiple offers on location-specific properties. Chicago condos continue to outpace single family by 30 percent for the second month evident not only in units, also in downward price movement. In the coming months, we will be observing the economic pressures which will likely lead to an increase in distressed assets to the market.”

Find Illinois housing stats data and the University of Illinois REAL forecast at  SOURCE Illinois Association of REALTORS

Amazing Home For Sale in Glencoe…see video attached!

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