Top 4 Spring 2019 Prep Tips Before Listing: North Shore Real Estate


Chicago North Shore real estate is settling into the 2019 spring buying and selling season.  North Shore Realtors may often advise clients of four basic principles to get your home in top “list Springchecklistready” condition. Buyers and sellers alike are out right now (on-line and in-person) perusing real estate options on places like Zillow and Trulia. Using these tips can promote a competitive standing in the market and make buyers appreciate the thoughtful preparation by doing the following:

1. Clean and Organize. Eliminate any clutter and pack up your least-used items, such as large pictures or photos, out-of-season clothes, non-used kitchen items, toys, and exercise equipment. Store items off-site or in boxes neatly arranged in the garage or even the basement. Clean the windows, carpets, walls, flooring, lighting fixtures, and baseboards to make the house sparkle. Having a garage sale may even be an option if time permits.

2. Go crazy on the curb appeal. Spring and summer mean getting out and enjoying the weather. It also means every detail of the outside of your home is far more noticeable.  Just put yourself in a potential buyers shoes and stand outside of your home. As you approach the front door, what is your impression of the property? Do the lawn and bushes look neatly displayed? Is the address clearly visible from where you are? Are pretty flowers or plants framing the entrances? Is the walkway free from debris and impediments?

3. Collect needed replacement estimates. Do you have big-ticket items that are worn out, out dated, or will need to be replaced soon, such your roof or carpeting? Get estimates on how much it would cost to replace those things, even if you don’t plan to do it yourself. The figures will help buyers determine if they can afford the home, and will be a helpful guide for both parties when negotiations begin.

4. Know where to find your warranties. Collect the warranties, guarantees, and user manuals for the furnace, washer and dryer, dishwasher, and any other appliances or equipment that will remain with the house after it’s sold.


Now for April 2019-The North Shore-Chicago Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage office located at 640 Vernon Ave in Glencoe, Illinois-60022; is home  to Gloria Matlin and partner Zack Matlin. The office has been a high performing real estate resource for the North Shore area for well over 40 years.  Stop in today to discover how this elite team can assist with home buying, home selling, home rentals, market action reports, or just to get info on Chicago’s North Shore communities and things to do/places to go!

Are you prepared for home ownership?-North Shore Real Estate

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This is a well crafted breakdown of what may be needed as a first time home owner on Chicago’s North Shore or anywhere.

Gloria Matlin is among the highest performing Realtors on the North Shore of Chicago. Producing client centered results for well over 25 years; she prides herself on making real estate dreams come true.


There is so much more to consider when buying a home besides finding a good lender and realtor.  Have you prepared yourself for what exactly home ownership will cost you, outside of your monthly mortgage payment?  For most first time homebuyers the thought of home ownership is so exciting and this energy and excitement can sometimes put a glaze over your eyes that prevents you from seeing the “big” picture of home ownership.  When saving for that down payment (even if you are using down payment assistance) you should also be saving  for some out of pocket costs you will need for your new home, some expected and also the unexpected.  After being a home owner and working with many first time home buyers these are the items I feel are important to be prepared for, some you may already be familiar with but some I think get overlooked. 

Bills to be prepared for:

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