SUNDAY OPEN: 536 South Ave #Glencoe – #C

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SUNDAY OPEN: 536 South Ave #Glencoe – #ChicagoNorthShore @ 1-2:30p 4/30/17:


Spring Home Buying Frenzy? North Shore Real Estate

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North Shore Spring-time home buying is fast approaching. The normal spring home buying season is typically March, April, May and June. The main reason for this time-frame is because many take vacations during July and August. Spring 2017 on Chicago’s North Shore is forecasted to be one of the best home sale seasons on record; and with mortgage interest rates at relative lows, many are paying close attention to Chicago North Shore real estate outcomes.

Be ready to jump on the North Shore home you want. Don’t be too indecisive. Don’t try to sleep on it. When you find it, make an offer. Here are other tips to help you navigate The North Shore home buying spring season:

  • Get preapproved by a local North Shore lender. It could be a local bank or a local mortgage broker, but don’t try to compete with an online lender approval letter or an out-of-area mortgage lender letter. Offers that contain a local lender’s preapproval letter will probably get top billing.
  • Focus on the house, not the owner. Don’t get overwhelmed on whether the home is a foreclosure, a short sale or owned by a traditional North Shore seller. Concentrate on location, location, location, and look for homes that meet your basic requirements. If a market is dominated by foreclosures and short sales, those prices will be the norm among traditional sellers.
  • Hire a North Shore neighborhood specialist. All real estate is local. A real estate agent who specializes in the area where you want to buy will be a wealth of information for you. Not to mention, that agent will probably be well-known and respected among the area specialist listing realtors. Working with an agent other agents like is a plus for you.
  • Be prepared to pay list. Some buyers focus on how much the seller is asking instead of on how much the home is worth. Ask your agent to show you a CMA of comparable sales to determine actual value. You can’t compare values by other homes on the market because sellers can ask whatever they want. If you are getting the home you want at a price you can afford, whether you pay $1,000 more or less makes no difference in the overall outcome.
  • Give the seller something other buyers won’t. There are many terms contained in a purchase offer. Negotiation is not always all about price. You can give the seller a benefit to take your offer without actually waiving your rights. Ask your agent to make suggestions for you. It could be something as small as giving the sellers an extra day to move out.

If you are new to town, you might want to spend a few weekends before the home buying season starts and get to know the Chicago-North Shore area. Talk to people in the street and at restaurants. Visit several real estate offices and interview a few North Shore real estate agents. Use the Internet to do some research. Drive or better walk the neighborhoods you like the best at different times of the day and, if you can, on different days of the week, see if they would fit your lifestyle. If you have children, review the North Shore school districts, or research upcoming things to do or activities like North Shore summer camps and spring/summer classes for 2017.

You can also stop by our Coldwell Banker office for help, guidance and questions on buying a home, selling a home or overall North Shore market conditions.  We are located in Glencoe, Illinois 60022- 640 Vernon Ave. We look forward to assisting you. More info HERE

Benefits of Buying a House at the end of the year

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This time of year brings with it many gifts in several forms. Whether its places to go on Chicago’s North Shore, things to do, top 10 holiday events to attend, the hustle and bustle of this time of year is often the perfect time to buy or sell North Shore real estate. This Blog captures the essence of this concept. Read and enjoy. Happy Holidays!

Homes for sale in Phoenix


Benefits of Buying at the End of the Year

Many homebuyers look to secure new homes in the summer months, when the kids are out of school and schedules are more relaxed. Yet there are lots of good reasons to save the home-buying process until the end of the year, when you can take advantage of motivated sellers and readily available moving help.

If you are closing the new home by December 31st, you can deduct your equity costs and property taxes on your income tax return. This can end up saving you lots of money, especially when you are bound to pay a large amount of interest at the beginning of the year.

As the year draws to a close, most builders offer attractive incentives to buyers in order to sell as many houses as possible. When buying at the end of the year, you can take advantage of…

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SUNDAY OPEN HOUSE: 3741 Mission Hills #4

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SUNDAY OPEN HOUSE: 3741 Mission Hills #402,Northbrook..See Tour

Fall is Here! Time for Pumpkin Patches

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Fall is Here! Time for Pumpkin Patches & Apple Orchards..A Few locations in & around the North Shore:

**Sunday Open House-911 Oak Dr, Glencoe:

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**Sunday Open House-911 Oak Dr, Glencoe: 12-1:30pm 9/25/11**

**Open This Sunday-1055 Julia Court, Gle

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**Open This Sunday-1055 Julia Court, Glencoe: 2-3:30pm 9/25/11**…

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