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Hello? Remember when we used to answer the phone… at home… tethered to a wall and it was actually someone we knew? Today, most people have a smart phone. The years between those two devices are not as far apart as the way our lives have changed. Does that mean a smart home might be in our future?

In many ways, our homes have been getting “smarter” for years. While we used to water by hand, most now have automatic sprinklers. Most garage doors now open and close remotely. We have thermostats that automatically control the temperature. We have timers that turn the lights in a room on and off when we’re on vacation. Move over George Jetson, we can even change the channel on our flat screen without getting up. What used to be amazing has quickly become common place.


So what can we expect in the future? Certainly some items that are being considered might not be on…

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