This is a well crafted breakdown of what may be needed as a first time home owner on Chicago’s North Shore or anywhere.

Gloria Matlin is among the highest performing Realtors on the North Shore of Chicago. Producing client centered results for well over 25 years; she prides herself on making real estate dreams come true.


There is so much more to consider when buying a home besides finding a good lender and realtor.  Have you prepared yourself for what exactly home ownership will cost you, outside of your monthly mortgage payment?  For most first time homebuyers the thought of home ownership is so exciting and this energy and excitement can sometimes put a glaze over your eyes that prevents you from seeing the “big” picture of home ownership.  When saving for that down payment (even if you are using down payment assistance) you should also be saving  for some out of pocket costs you will need for your new home, some expected and also the unexpected.  After being a home owner and working with many first time home buyers these are the items I feel are important to be prepared for, some you may already be familiar with but some I think get overlooked. 

Bills to be prepared for:

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