I’m often asked, what are some of the top real estate related services needed through the selling process?  Ideally consulting with a North Shore real estate professional or associated expert to assist with the sale of your home is a must. Here is a list of common services you may need as you complete a real estate transaction:

  1. Real Estate Attorney
  2. Appraiser
  3. Home Inspector
  4. Mortgage Loan Officer
  5. Environmental Specialist
  6. Lead Paint Inspector
  7. Radon Inspector
  8. Tax Advisor
  9. Sanitary Systems Expert
  10. Occupancy Permit Inspector
  11. Zoning Inspector
  12. Survey Company
  13. Flood Plain Inspector
  14. Termite Inspector
  15. Title Company
  16. Insurance Consultant
  17. Moving Company

    Used with permission from Kim Daugherty, Real Estate Checklists and Systems, www.realestatechecklists.com .

Our Coldwell Banker North Shore residential real estate office , located in downtown Glencoe, IL -640 Vernon Ave-60022; can provide resources for the services recommended above. Feel fee to stop in for guidance. We pride ourselves on producing,  performing and maintaining 40+ years of superb North Shore real estate service.