North Shore homeowners as with any homeowner share a common goal worth considering….remodeling: definitely a way to personalize and update a space. A real estate trend making a large impact is “Green Renovating”.

For some this means simply tearing down a wall or two or rearranging the furniture, while for others, it is a much more sophisticated and purposeful process. The idea of reducing the carbon footprint and increasing personal appeal or comfort is the goal.

Green renovation not only helps the earth, but can also increase the value of a home in the case you want to ever resell. The tips below help to balance earth, personal style and North Shore living (as with anything, do a little research to select the materials and enhancements that are right for you/your home):


Part of keeping green is preserving the beauty of old things, especially if the North Shore home has a history. Instead of stripping it down and ordering new materials, a better way may be to preserve and bring out the old beauty. Moldings, workmanship details, mantle pieces and even furniture can be restored and saved in this way.

There are many little things you can do to turn your home into a greener one. Remodeling your home with a green perspective can not only net you more savings in the long run, but could make the home more appealing to future buyers.


That Tudor window may not be the nicest thing for your idea of your home, but a willing North Shore buyer may find it irresistible. Recycle wood and other materials from your home. Old tiles can be made into interesting tabletops or floor mosaics. Old mirrors can be revamped into trays or interesting focal pieces for a great room. Old glass can be reused as new windows or put to different uses (try a bookcase with old glass shelves!).


Search for sustainable materials to use. Bamboo is a favorite with the Earth movement, since the grass uses a minimum of resources to grow and is easily replaceable. You may want to insert rain gutters to collect rainwater for your garden or home tasks, or select a part of the land to grow vegetables, herbs and flowers. Cork flooring is also very popular, as it is versatile, water resistant, as well as warm and cozy.

Natural Ventilation

For homes in lighter climates, natural ventilation is the way to go. Not only is it healthier (some insulation may trap allergens in the vents), but it saves you from cranking up the air conditioning, except on really hot days. Larger windows, airy rooms and great ventilation have the added benefit of giving the home a bigger feel even if it is not.

Green Power

Mini windmills, solar paneling and great insulation go a long way toward saving some energy and saving you a few dollars when the electric bill comes. Condensing heaters and boilers can mean your heat is used more efficiently and that your heating bill stays low, even in the coldest of winter months. Weather-stripping doors and windows can prevent heat from escaping out and keep you toasty warm all throughout the winter season. More information HERE..

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