Looking for things to do this weekend?  North Shore,IL folk know, this is a “must do” before old man winter gets here…winterizing your home. So maybe after the Highwood Pumpkin Festivals, Halloween parties,  Glencoe Farmers Market, garage sales and other  fall activites, add this to the list. A handy guide is provided below that can help put you in the mood. Winterizing should be done by everyone, especially those selling real estate or thinking of putting  property on the market for sale. Prospective buyers, as well as holiday guests/visitors will notice and appreciate the extra steps taken.

While September brings the first day of fall, October -November can be the harbinger of the winter and all of its frigid pitfalls. It’s best to be prepared for the North Shore frost and snow with a few simple tasks that will prevent drafts, frosty windows and every homeowner’s nightmare: Busted pipes.

A good place to start prior to tackling problem areas in your home is a property energy audit. This will pinpoint specific places in your house where heat escapes. The U.S. Department of Energy has a do-it-yourself energy assessment, or you can hire someone to do the audit for you.


Cold air can seep in through those little gaps between your door and the door frame, quickly reversing any effort you take to heat your home. Weatherstripping covers the sides and top of the door and a sweep fills the space between the threshold and door bottom. Hardware stores and home centers sell numerous products in metal, foam, rubber and plastic for this purpose and many can be installed in an afternoon.


This may be another area where additional weatherstripping or caulk is needed to fill any visible gaps, though that still might not be enough remediation to prevent drafts. While windows add much needed winter light, they can let out a lot of heat — up to 12 times more than a wall if they’re single pane. Blinds can keep a little heat in, but heavier shades or curtains will minimize heat loss.


Fantasizing about a cozy evening in front of the fire? Your romantic night might be cut short if your fireplace hasn’t been serviced. The National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys are swept at least once a year.


It’s also recommended that furnaces be serviced…..MORE